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Text:2 Corinthians 2:14-17  and  Philippians 1:9-11

Introduction:In order for love to be sincere and genuine the motives for the acts of love must be honest, true and pure.  There are countless motives for demonstrating loving behavior but those reasons must be pure if it is to be like the love of Christ. 

Point 1: Sincere Love-  Part #1 Review

  • “Let love be genuinely concerned, without hypocrisy.” 
  • Sincere (Greek #505)“AnupokritasRom. 12:9

*unfeigned, undisguised without hypocrisy

  • Genuine (Greek #1103)“GnesiosPhil. 2:19-22

*Legitimate birth or origin, not spurious 

Point 2: Motives that are Honest!

  • “…from sincerity we speak…” 2 Corinthians 2:14-17 
  • Sincere (Greek #1505)“Eilikrineia

* Defined as clearness, by implication purity

*To be pure, sincere, oringenousness which means to be without sophistication or worldliness.  Also to be open, honest and candid.

*Denotes sincerity and purity.  I describes a quality possessed by God, As that which is to characterize the conduct of believers or “Christians”

Point 3: Motives that are Pure!

  • “…to be sincere and blameless” 1:9-11 
  • Sincere (Greek #1506)“Eilikrines

*Literally means to be tested by the sunlight, ie. To test and find to be pure without crack or flaw

*Found to be pure when examined in the sunlight

*Signifies being unalloyed, unmixed or pure in context to moral or ethical behavior

Conclusion: Love must be pure and honest if it is to have the impact on the world that God designed it to have. 

Practical Applications:

What caught your attention from today’s sermon?


Do you believe honesty and purity of motives is essential to enjoying the abundant life in Christ?  Explain


Using the definitions of the words “Sincere”, how will this kind of honesty impact a person’s relationships with fellow Christians and those who are searching for God?         What will it look like in practice?


Points for Prayer:

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