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The Pleasant Hill Church of Christ has a rich pioneer history, a growing resurgence of a love of the truth resulting in a genuine manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit, and a glorious future with both men and women, equipped for the works of service, participating together in the advancement of the glorious gospel of Christ!

PHCC 1899

Elijah Bristow, founder of the Pleasant Hill Church of Christ, in the spring of 1846, became the first settler to stake a claim in what would later become Lane County.  On August 4th, 1850 he and his wife Susannah along with twenty-five others established the Pleasant Hill Church of Christ, nearly nine years before Oregon gained statehood on February 14th, 1859!  In the preamble of the church’s first history book, this new congregation of Christians declared their faith.  “In coming together as a congregation, having already been immersed upon a confession of their faith in the Messiah, as the only begotten Son of God: they declared it to be their full purpose and determination to acknowledge no leader but Christ; no infallible teachers but the Apostles and prophets; and no articles of belief but the Old and New Testaments: and the latter, as containing their faith, and rules of their behavior as Christians.”   The Pleasant Hill Church continued to meet in a small log cabin until 1854 when the congregation built a larger house, to be used as a Christian school and meetinghouse for church assemblies.

In the spirit of the early restoration movement of the 1800’s, we at the Pleasant Hill Church of Christ are now striving to restore the ancient power of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ as referenced in 2 Corinthians 4:1-12. Just as the restoration of the ancient name, ancient order, and ancient gospel were instrumental in the restoration of Christ’s Church, so is the restoration of the teachings regarding the power of the gospel of the glory of Christ to transform a person’s life. Only through the power of the gospel of Christ can we manifest the truth as stated by the Apostle Paul when he said, “so that the life of Jesus may be manifested in our body…mortal flesh.” This concept of God’s power being manifest in our lives through the manifestation of Christ’s glorious character is found in every book of the New Testament. This is why Paul states that the devil is working feverishly to blind the minds of the unbelieving of this awesome truth. When we understand and embrace these truths we are able to destroy the devil’s hold on our own lives and with great patience, gentleness, and kindness we are able to help others escape the snares of the devil.


Finally, our future is brighter than ever before. We are investing in the future by investing in our people. Our leadership continues to take seriously the charge to be ready in season and out of season to preach the word for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ. For this reason source our five objectives, to improve communication, provide solid discipleship training, reach out to those who don’t know the LORD, offer a variety fellowship opportunities, and continually improve our physical facilities has caused the body of Christ to grow both in numbers and in Spirit.

As our overriding purpose states, we are committed to humbly serving God by; “transforming lives through the gospel of Christ’s glory.”

Our Evangelist

Bill Compton is an ordained evangelist serving the LORD with the Pleasant Hill Church of Christ since 1989 as their lead preaching minister.  Bill has a passion for making disciples utilizing the “Elementary Teachings about the Christ” discipleship training program.  He is committed to working with others in, “Transforming Lives through the Gospel of Christ’s Glory.” Being in Christ since August 12th 1982, he has endeavored to serve the LORD in every facet of his life.  In his relationship with his wife, three sons, friends, brethren, and those in the community, Bill strives to faithfully manifest the character of Christ.

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Having earned three degrees in business and education, Bill effectively uses his knowledge in these disciplines, as well as his knowledge of the Scriptures, to build the kingdom of Christ locally, around the nation and overseas.  Bill believes that Jesus Christ touched the lives of thousands by caring for the individual and empowering select men and women to serve with Him here, so he endeavors to emulate Christ in his service to the LORD.

Presently, Bill lives near Eugene, Oregon but has grown up in the mountains of the great northwest and enjoys time in the Cascades and Coast range mountains.  If you would like to learn more about the church or speak with Bill, please email [email protected]