84735 Flathead Avenue Pleasant Hill, Oregon
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Transforming lives through the gospel of Christ’s glory.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members and visitors say:

We began attending Pleasant Hill Church of Christ about one year ago. One of our first impressions, which has only deepened, is how kind everyone is. There is a very deep sense of family in this congregation that is fostered by Mr. Compton. Every week people write notes of encouragement to others. And Mr. Compton reads them out loud. That is a very special way to build the body. We were also immediately impressed with the teaching. It starts with opening the Bible and reading a passage not just grabbing a single verse to build a sermon.

Mike Nordtvedt

We came out to Pleasant Hill as singles nearly 30 years ago and found a home. We got married and chose to raise our two daughters (now grown) here in this church family. They grew up with friends that have become lifelong friends! At Pleasant Hill, we are truly a family. Folks are positive and encouraging and welcoming. We especially love that the teaching is solid and Biblically based. There are a variety of teaching styles, but all the ministers preach and teach solid Scriptural concepts that seem to be lacking in churches today. We are a service-oriented congregation and all styles of service are encouraged. This is the place to be if what you’re interested in being a part of a family that serves God by serving others!

Kirk & Melissa Parks

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to find a place of Christian fellowship where the truth is truly near and dear to everyone’s heart. It seems as though “church society” is more interested in attendance, money and the feel-good message than it is in getting people to heaven! This fellowship is different. Here, the entire focus is on the Word of God and nothing but the Word; and that is initially what attracted my attention. The other big contributing factor was the love and genuine relationships we have for and with one another. It’s real here; it’s not just the Sunday morning “do gooder” attitude. We spend time together in fellowship throughout the week as well! If your desire is for truth, and real Christian fellowship, then this is the place for you.

Blake George