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Power in His Presence- Eternal Prosperity & Pleasures in Serving the LORD!

We are moving on to the next “Pleasure Forever at the Right Hand of God.”  I have provided sermon note sheets for those who like to keep organized notes on sermons.

In His Presence “Riches of Heaven”

Lesson Coming Soon

Brad McKinney “Forging an Ever Present Leader”

Today we have a special guest telling a compelling story about his journey to becoming a Christian. Brad McKinney gave this presentation at G4 Summit this year, and Bill Compton asked him to come and share his message with the entire congregation. I hope you enjoy today’s presentation of Forging an Ever Present Leader.

Power In His Presence- “In God’s Right Hand of Power!”

I am looking forward with excitement for today’s lessons.  This morning the lesson is titled, “In the Power of His Presence- God’s Right Hand of Power!”  It is very exciting and comforting to know we are seated with Him in the heavenly places at the His right hand.  It is also an awesome thing to understand and…
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In His Right Hand There are Pleasures Forever

This morning we will begin to examine the last facet of Psalm 16:11, “In Your right hand there are pleasures forever!”  This will be an exciting series of lessons as we examine the prophecies about Christ being seated at the God’s right hand and the position of power He holds.  We will as examine in…
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Power in His Presence- “The Fullness of Joy in Fellowship”

I am excited about today’s lesson on the Fullness of Joy we are able to experience in Christ regardless of the situation or circumstance we find ourselves in!  As you know it is God’s will that we as His people should, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks for this is God’s…
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