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Jesus the Man Sermon from Jeff

Welcome to the morning assembly from Sept 17 with Jeff’s sermon about Jesus.

G4 Summit Sermon 8 – Jesus, The Man with an Iron Will!”

Sermon 8 from Jeff “Jesus, The Man with an Iron Will”

G4 Summit Sermon 7 – Facing the Giants – David, the Man!

Sermon 7 from Matt “Facing the Giants – David, the Man!”

G4 Summit Sermon 6 “The Fearless Apostle Paul!”

Sermon 6 from Mark “The Fearless Apostle Paul”

G4 Summit Sermon 5 – The Courageous Man Fears Only God

Sermon 5 from Joey “The Courageous Man Fears Only God”

G4 Summit Sermon 4 – Courage Under Fire, “But If Not!”

Sermon 4 from Brian “Courage Under Fire – “But If Not”

G4 Summit Sermon 3 – Timothy, Courageous Man of God

Sermon 3 from Kirk “Timothy, Courageous Man of God”

G4 Summit Sermon 2 The Inconvenienced Christian

Sermon 2 from Alan “Then Inconvenienced Christian”

G4 Summit Sermon 1 Training Up the Fearless Man

Sermon 1 from Bill Training up the Fearless Man

The Foundation of Fearing the LORD is Our Faith and Love for Him!

As we draw near to the end of the year we will study the two great foundational components of the Fear of the LORD.  The title of this introductory lesson is, “The Foundation for Fearing the LORD is Our Faith and Love for Him.”  As we grow in our knowledge of who Jesus is and we…
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